Deposit your trust in trust in Nevis

Advantages of trust in Nevis

1- Several international publications have described the legislation of Nevis and the Cook Islands as the “Fort Knox” of asset protection. This is due to the strong protective structure of the International Trustee Exemption Ordinance, or Nieto, for its acronym in English. This structure, whose basic principles are described below, has protected the Nevis trusts even from institutions such as the IRS.

2- Under no circumstances shall the courts of this country proceed to cancel a trust in Nevis that has been properly established. This means that they will remain safe from spouses, creditors, assignees in bankruptcy, or from claims under inheritance or forced succession disputes. This means that even if you are bankrupt, or imprisoned, divorced, or sued by multiple creditors, as long as your trust has been created prior to these events and with the appropriate structure, your assets will be safe forever and will continue being for the benefit of you and your loved ones.

3- The jurisdiction of Nevis does not recognize foreign verdicts. For this reason, if someone were to initiate legal action against you, that person would have to face extremely high expenses, and should also accept the fact that properly structured trusts cannot be voided under any circumstance in this country.

4- In Nevis, no taxes are applied to the profits of trusts that are generated abroad. In effect, a trust in Nevis is a tax-exempt vehicle, which will allow you to increase your capital indefinitelywithout being subject to any type of taxation.

5- Nevis supports and promotes the concept of dynastic trusts, through which families can maintain their fiduciary structure perpetually, from generation to generation. This means that your children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren will be able to benefit from the tax exemption and Nevis asset protection policy.

6- The banking of Nevis is confidential and safe, and jealously protects the information of the beneficiaries of their accounts. As if this were not enough, not even those individuals who have initiated a legal action or lawsuit against a trust may have access to the account statements or the information of the same.

Due to the repeated attacks in the world today against wealthy individuals and their assets, trust via offshore citizen services is the most effective way to protect your assets.

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