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"The story of two childhood friends linked to Roger Hodgson"

This is our story, the dream met reality in a moment filled with great emotion.

It all began in the late '70s, when two children of ten years (Candy & Tony), digging in the cellar of the grandmother of Tony, "grandmother Máxima", discs that had been saved by his uncle Ignacio. Among others were Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons and of course, Supertramp.

Once removed from that trunk, we were ready to listen and I guess at that age, trying to find a distinguishing mark on us reflected in that music and songs. We began to hear Supertramp, and little by little we were captivating melodies and songs, so we went appropriating the tune of his songs with our own personality that was forged at that early age. Thanks Ignacio, to have those records kept in that trunk.

Then came the concert "Supertramp in Paris," that was the one who set the tone for permanent monitoring of Supertramp and his music in us.

In 1983 the group disbanded, and Roger Hodgson took his own path. At first we thought it was all over and had a great sadness to think that we could no longer enjoy the new work of this kind of music and these beautiful songs. But what was our surprise in 1984 that appeared on the market's first solo album of Roger, which I gave to my friend on his birthday.

"In the Eye of the Storm" and songs








wowed us again and we are glad to know Roger's music alone, here we realized that Roger was the voice and the sound of Supertramp in the songs that we liked about your previous time.

The years passed and his songs with us, our personal experiences, emotions and feelings, "Hide in your Shell", "A Soapbox Opera", "Fool's Overture", "The Logical Song", "School", " Breakfast in America "," Dreamer "," It's Raining Again ", etc, etc ......

And we now, Roger is still active and try to prepare a special and memorable moment to remember in our lives.

I note that this year 2,011 came to Spain in his only concert in Barcelona, ??in a truly spectacular scenery such as the Palau de la Musica Catalana.

Without losing a moment, in early November of 2010 I purchase the two tickets, which fortunately takes us to a point with good visibility, close to the stage and in front of it, because the good places and the tickets were exhausted and wanted to enjoy Roger's concert.

December 31 years ago my friend Tony. This year would have a great birthday gift, something he never imagined and that everything was being organized in secret, and it remained the main course.

In the place where I work, we have a client with whom I maintain a good relationship, which has a business of sewing and embroidery. I told him he had bought two poles (good quality) in black, which I would prepare a logo embroidered on the front and back to take the day of the concert in Barcelona. John, so called, offered to lend you need to complete this work, so I left the design program, I took it home, and here I did several tests on the computer type letters and colors could best be at the poles. After two days working on it, reached the final embroidery, which I recorded on a flash drive, and I took him along with the poles at the sewing company has. I had to learn to manage the program, and with the help of John we stamp the embroidery on the poles.

We're ready for the gift for Tony.

I thought how can I contact with Roger and started researching on the Internet, an e-mail, a place to send my message and try to get what you get at the end.

Searching and searching I got an address where to send a message with my best feeling thought which tell our story, was the manager of Roger, Linda, had an address where to contact and sent him a message.

Two days later I receive your response, which happily tells me that our history liked and enjoyed watching us grow together with the music of Roger.

I was completely excited, had gotten us to know Roger in Barcelona, ??and we could take a picture with him! what special moment.

I kept in touch with Linda with some mail where I give more instructions to follow the day of the concert.

Birthday came and my friend had no idea the gift you expected.

Well prepared in a box brought him the embroidered polo, when he opened it he really liked. But when I gave him an envelope containing the e-mails between Linda and me, and started reading I could not believe. His wife who was next, Paula, was so moved that tears rolled his eyes at me either I missed a lot for me to pass the same and my wife, Puri, as we all enjoyed this exciting time.

We were waiting for "like water from Mayo", the time it reached the concert in Barcelona, ??but we still had 3 months of waiting since my friend's birthday. During this time, I was watching Roger went on tour, and all the news and likewise you would report to Tony.

Came the day of the concert, March 31, 2011, we were in Barcelona and stayed in a hotel within a hundred meters from Palau de la Musica. In the morning we went for a walk around and observe the atmosphere prior to the concert.

Then in the afternoon around 19:00 pm we left the hotel to attend this great moment. One meeting was organized by Roger Fan in the cafeteria located in front of the entrance to the enclosure, where Joseph met with other fans and we spoke a few moments before entering the Palau around 20:00 hours was when the doors opened.

Upon entering, I went directly to the section on invitations, where Linda told me I had to pick bacsktage passes. I speak to people who carried the theme, and find our names among them, appeared not ours. In that moment I think I got all, something that had prepared with so much enthusiasm and a problem arose.

Luckily had the e-mail from Linda where I confirmed our invitation printed on paper, showed it to the person of invitations and I said no problem, once you finished the concert, we dirigiésemos the gateway to dressing rooms, which would enter them.

I was already worried, because with so many people inside the Palau thought we stayed with the desire to know Roger personally.

Once inside the Palau, Ana and Vidal met Spanish Fan Club and we took some pictures together with some more fans.

While in the area of ??the stairs to get to our seats, I saw Linda and I quickly went to her to discuss. She had not ever seen me physically, so I would not know who I was to approach her.

But when I told him my name, and immediately recognized me, which reassured me, do not know how much. I mentioned the problem that existed, and went to the place of invitations to ask, were there talking and all was once the concert ended, Linda pick us up to Tony and me to see Roger.

We agreed to our seats and we enjoyed the beautiful Art Nouveau architecture inside the Palau, the fair was in full, with a public eager to Roger's music.

As a curiosity, we asked if we belonged to some viewers Roger equipment, pole saw us with our embroidery and felt that working with the team.

Another person approached us to ask if we had given Roger the poles on our backs, because they were so exclusive that only two are alike, which we took positions.

He began the concert, Roger addressed the audience emotionally, reporting that he had traveled from California to Barcelona to give the only concert in Spain, the Spanish public had in his heart, I know that for our warmth and how to express our joy was artist and person.

The public and Roger tuned quickly and there were moments of very intense with his songs.

Aaron Macdonald was perfect, my friend Tony would say, "! And plays all the instruments."

The best recommendation I could give to any person, to see a Roger Hodgson concert at the Palau de la Musica Catalana, the sound, the beauty of the place, good atmosphere existing at the time and the songs of Roger, what more can ask?.

After enjoying the concert was another great moment expected to meet Roger.

At the time he retired from the stage and the concert ended, we went to the gateway to the dressing rooms.

I told my friend that she would adopt behind me, I would open the road.

We entered the left side of the stage, but in those moments all the spectators were leaving the stalls, and the truth is that it would be difficult to "go upstream."

But once again the poles embroidery met another goal. When you walk into the doors of people turned away when they see us opening ourselves over and without any objection. We saw the two sets and steadily, so think we worked with Roger.

And as we approached the door you should enter, there were about 30 or 40 people waiting to get to know Roger, and we got the last.

I told Tony, "Get behind me, follow me do not look sideways."

And so we stand in front of everyone else, with my wallet in hand and backpack on his shoulder.

It was not yet open access, and someone in the audience asked the security guard of the door if they could pass. The guard was emphatic in his reply, "Do not Pass invitation can not enter."

At least for the time Tony and I were located at the best possible place, the first front of the door.

Few feet separated us access to Roger, but the truth is that I thought we stayed out with the desire to know.

Suddenly he opened the door and watch the person that loomed was Linda who came to pick us both, what an exciting time, as many people waiting to pass on the hands, and we without them we alone with Linda to the changing rooms .

Linda, I want to thank you for your patience and for having kept your word that we would know Roger. Without you, it would have been an impossible mission.

In the hall we see Roger finishing talking to reporters, waited patiently for the end. Enters his dressing room, and quickly Linda tells us that we enter with her.

Linda, Roger tells him who we were, I imagine that he had already spoken to us, so little understood in the words he said, "they are told you ......".

Then, out Linda's dressing room and we were the three solos, Roger, Tony and Candy. What a special moment. We introduce ourselves by our names and we appreciate your invitation.

We told him where we come from and the source of more distant history of our people, Alcántara.

Roger in person, and his music and his songs, kindness and harmony.

Pay close attention to our words are interested in our history.

We brought a gift to our dear Alcantara bridge, when he opened it, quickly found the Roman architectural beauty with his words, inquiring about the time you have this bridge, no less than 2,000 years.

Printed on high quality paper was written the history of this bridge is the likeness of his music, the union that represents friendship with Tony and me with his music and his person. Because for us and certainly for many people is a myth of music.

Similarly, a DVD with images of Alcantara, both architectural and monumental history of the natural environment.

We had a few good hugs and we said goodbye to him.

Were about 15 minutes we enjoyed with him, in which he was very friendly and close, a moment more special for us that will remain engraved in our lives and those who did not bother us until we finish, something that I was shocked because of all the people waiting.

And finally, when we left the dressing room accompanied by Linda, heard voices of a woman in a long queue waiting to sign autographs calling us and asking "but who you are, who you are?, My response was that I left in the first place "! can not be, can not be, answering it! Tell us who you are, we are not going to be so, and then calmly replied! Candy and Tony are! and disappeared through the halls of Palau.

I would think we were celebrities that we had recognized, coming first in the dressing room with Linda and Roger spend so much time alone inside, believe that public figures were important.

No, we're just two friends who have known since age 4, and Roger's music has accompanied us throughout our lives, and we've had the opportunity to meet him in person and be alone with him for about 15 minutes thanks to the courtesy of Linda.

I think that dreams are fulfilled, provided that wish with all your heart, with a little luck and appearing at the right time.

An embrace with all our love to all fans of his music, and especially to Linda and Roger.

Thank you for this moving event and waiting for the next concert I can attend and return to enjoy live music.

Candy & Tony

Candido Perez Marquez (Candy for friends)

Sevilla Palomo José Antonio (Tony for friends).

Postscript: Puri thank my wife, for their support this dream has become reality.

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