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Roger Hodgson

Bonn, Germany

August 16, 2006

---Gregor Meier

An Extraordinary Evening

On the 16th August I saw Roger the second time this year. 3 weeks ago in Karlsruhe (I met him with my wife and children behind the stage 2 hours before his act), last night on the Museumsplatz in Bonn. His performance in Karsruhe was already very special. But yesterday’s show, with the orchestra, was the best, I had ever seen. Unfortunately without my children, cause they had to visit school the day after.


We, my wife and me, arrived just in the moment he started the rehearsal. It was a great pleasure to take a chance joining this very special moment. We had never seen and heard such a performance before. It was like a concert before the concert.

Round about 3 hours later, at 18:20, as the crowd acclaimed him, a deep and warm shiver and happiness run from head to feet.


He acted in such a very familiar atmosphere, that it seemed, he knew each of the audience. 


Between nearly each song Roger told us some different little stories or he did some jokes.  And, after he intoned “Breakfast”, the last of the audience was fascinated. Standing ovations all around. After each song! I’ve never experienced this ecstasy before.


The combination of his music, his voice, his charm and the orchestra was a class of it’s own. These moments ripped deep in my heart and will ever last in my mind. And, as always, the time with him passed to fast. It was an act of friendship - or should I say “thank you” -for this outstanding audience; that he played “Dreamer” after the encore.


I hope to see him again next year. As he promised, he will be back in spring.


I’ll count the days till then.





1) Take the long way home (Keyboard)

2) Give a little bit (Guitar)

3) Lovers in the wind (Piano)

4) Hide in your shell (Keyboard)

5) Oh brother / Keep the penguins warm (Piano)

6) Breakfast in America (Keyboard)

7) Lord is it mine (Piano)

8) Easy does it (Guitar)

9) Sister moonshine (Guitar)

10) The logical song (Keyboard)


- 25 minutes pause -


11) School (Guitar)

12) If everyone was listening (Piano)

13) Even in the quietest moments (Guitar)

14) Only because of you (Keyboard)

15) Dreamer (Keyboard)

16) It’s raining again (Keyboard)

17) Fool’s overture (Piano)



- Two of us

- Give a little bit




- Dreamer


Bonn, Germany

August 16, 2006

---Miriam Mertiens


Roger played this night with a big symphony orchestra from Bulgaria. (Respect to them, they only rehearsed twice!).


We were lucky to listen to "Keep the Pigeons Warm" ("Oh Brother") with an orchestra for the first time. This was my fifth concert in Germany but for the first time I really saw a roaring, dancing and appreciating crowd which not only made Roger play an additional song  (Itīs Raining Again) in the middle of the concert but also made him give a second encore! After the suggestions of "A Soapbox Opera," "Rosie Had Everything Planned" and "School" he played "Dreamer" again which was of course - for the German crowd -  the best song to choose (remember the Germans are sometimes a bit sluggish adapting to something new or different...)


Not only that he used to smile, laugh and communicate with his fans and the whole crowd, that was as well the first time he shook my hand (bending down from the stage to take it) and that was definitely the most important and soulful moment of my life. That gives me loads of energy to carry on with my music and songs and to even - and especially - carry on with my life!!


Roger himself seemed to have a lot of fun (which I missed a little bit on the last concerts in Germany compared to those in Canada, no wonder ) and I think he was amazed that even the German crowd is able to cheer, sing and dance within. I hope heīll remember it, he promised to come back next year and I do hope Iīll be in the first row again to see his smile and watch him bringing out love, hope and heart to all of us and the rest of the world. Thank you, Roger, for the most beautiful evening I ever had!

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