Citizens are still fighting to get the rogue avocado plantation to do what it was ordered to do

Determined citizens in a rural area northwest of Lagos are still fighting for a rogue avocado plantation to do as ordered by government-backed authorities (click here).

Six months after the big agricultural project was given an “unfavorable” environmental impact statement – meaning it must radically change the way it “took charge” of the land – absolutely nothing has happened. changed, to the point that Regenerarte (the group created to deal with the situation) recently took legal action to urge the authorities to “do their job”.

With that done, the Algarve’s CCDR (Commission for Regional Coordination and Development) has publicly announced that Frutineves Lda – the company in charge of exploration – has now been informed that it has two months to “reposition the legality ”(ie doing as told).

But in the same “public announcement” the CCDR “informed” that Frutineves was back and said it would now take administrative action “to overturn the decision” that he must comply with the law. .

In other words, after all this time – and all the water still being drawn from precious aquifers – the “historic decision” to restore some balance seems to have made no difference.

Writing about this plantation earlier this year and how it started to operate, Espresso columnist Miguel Sousa Tavares described Frutineves as “the perfect example of how easy it is in this country. to get around the law and get out of it ”(click here).

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