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DALLAS – Now that the Polk County Courthouse building has undergone a complete facelift with a modernized exterior, the administration is finalizing plans to completely redo the landscaping of its main lawn.

However, to make room for the new, the community will have to say goodbye to the two remaining large trees that have become problematic over the years.

“Previously there was a sister tree to the very large tree in front that had to be cut down because it was about to destroy the hard scape,” said Matt Hawkins, director of Polk County administrative services. is to make it more community-friendly, organizations can have activities on the lawn. As is, it’s not always conducive to what they want to do.

The new landscaping has been in the works for a few years, Hawkins said, adding that he has a set amount to budget for the building renovation project.

However, the original offer was returned to the drawing board after it arrived with an estimate of $ 550,000, Hawkins said.

“We thought it was a bit too much at the time. We’ll see, “he said.” We’ve taken some things out, kept some important things. “

For example, the initial plan called for the installation of a new Christmas tree, but was canceled because it was too expensive. But the new plans still have a place for the community to gather around a temporary Christmas tree set up for the holidays, Hawkins explained.

He said an arborist looking at the tree currently used for Christmas lighting ceremonies had roots that encroached on the existing landscaping and planting a new tree in the middle of the new landscaping would end up presenting the same problem. .

The new plans call for removing existing vegetation and bringing in new trees, shrubs, softscape and grass, in addition to a few new walkways. Hawkins said some walkways need to be replaced anyway and it makes more sense to wait for new landscaping to surround them rather than replacing them twice.

Hawkins said the city of Dallas has already done a good job on Main Street widening sidewalks. The county plans to expand them further. This will allow more activities and space to set up tents as for vendors during Krazy Dayz.

Hawkins said he was working with three contractors – Laurus Landscaping Architecture, EarthTech and Dalke Construction – to put together the final plans and the final offers are expected to be finalized this week. Demolition will begin this week or next week. He added that the completion goal would be to keep him accountable due to the draft.

“We want to push so that mother nature can naturally take care of soft nature,” he said. “So I suspect it was done later in October.”

He recommends checking the county’s Facebook page and Commissioners pages for updates.

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