Huntsville Botanical Garden Lights Up With “Night Flowers”


The Huntsville Botanical Garden is hosting a new nighttime event this summer: Night Blooms. This outdoor installation will illuminate the garden with thousands of lights and botanical lanterns, allowing guests to experience the natural environment of the garden like never before.

The event takes guests on a mile-long walking journey through the garden after sunset. As you walk through the Garden, you will discover vignettes of botanical lanterns integrated into the surrounding nature. Intricately designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans, these lanterns bring plants and wildlife to life. Find poppies, turtles, orchids, spiders, maple trees and more, all brightly colored and shiny from within. Additional lighting effects complete the immersive experience, further transforming the garden landscape with light.

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“Night Blooms is a re-imagination of the garden we know and love,” said Sue Wagner, general manager of the garden. “The plants and animals that we meet every day in the Garden have been redesigned as illuminated, technicolor and larger than life. The result is an almost dreamlike experience, where guests have the chance to see their surroundings in a whole new light, literally. We take an ordinary walk in the Garden and show how extraordinary it can be. “

The lanterns featured in Night Blooms are produced and supplied by Hanart Culture. The Garden has previously partnered with Hanart Culture to host the Chinese Lantern Festival in 2019. But with a reinvented experience and all-new lanterns that have never been seen in the south, Night Blooms is a new and different event.

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“Night Blooms is a whole new experience, unique to Huntsville,” said Wagner. “You can’t find this event anywhere other than here in the Garden.”

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Night blooming at the Huntsville Botanical Garden

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Or: 4747, avenue Bob Wallace, Huntsville (map)
When: July 21 to September 26, 2021
Cost: $ 20 to $ 35 for adults, $ 12 to $ 23 for children
All tickets must be reserved in advance for a designated entry time. Tickets will be available for purchase in June.

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