Kerala presents proposal to improve plantation sector

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To strengthen the plagued plantation sector in the state of Kerala, the government has declared a large number of measures in its plantation policy to improve the economic sustainability, labor generation and ecological sustainability of the plantation territories in the State.

Declaring the approach, State Labor Minister TP Ramakrishnan said the public authority plans to strengthen the area for the safeguard of workers.

The plantation industry on the estimate of the products amounts to 13,000 crore rupees, uses 3.5 lakh of individuals and almost 30% of the cultivated area in the state is involved with the products of the plantations . The revenue estimate in 2013-14 was 21,000 crore rupees, which has come down to 13,000 crore rupees in the past five years due to low costs and high start-up expenses, sources added.

What is the policy regarding:

The latest planting policy, which was designed based on the suggestions of Judge Krishnan Nair’s Commission, focuses on improving the daily living conditions of workers with high pay and other skills, increasing the profitability of crops, diversification, obtaining products, handling, marketing, assembly of significant value-added elements, and ensuring a business opportunity for yields. The political arrangement conceptualized the intercropping and the varied cultivation in the nurseries, the takeover of the estates, allowing the auxiliary rural areas agri exercises, for example, dairy, poultry, crop and plantation travel industry projects.

The official’s point of view:

Kerala Planters Association President SB Prabhakar said the arrangement, whenever updated properly, will change the working generation and food security of the state. In all cases, corrections of specific acts and rules are necessary for the proper application of the planting policy, he added.

According to Santosh Kumar, executive director of Harrisons Malayalam Ltd., the new planting policy will help the entire industry to increase the yield of unit land area by creating varied crops and inter and multi crops.

In addition, resolving lease issues and extending leases will provide solidity to the sector where land is a factor of creation.

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