Local landscaping companies feel the heat of the dry weather conditions


ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) – Many farmers in the valley have said the dry conditions have had an impact on their produce and a local landscaping company is also seeing a difference in their business.

Joshua Sprouse of Sprouse Lawn Care said mowing opportunities are literally drying up.

Sprouse said they typically mow the grass once a week.

“At this time of year we’re used to it being a bit dry, but not as dry as it used to be. We didn’t mow some spots for seven weeks. Normally at this time of year we skip a week here and there for customer homes and now we don’t mow at all, ”Sprouse said.

He added that new facilities for shrubs and trees are non-existent right now because most people water a lot.

Sprouse said they’ve never gone so long without mowing, but mowing this dry grass can cause damage.

He said in a normal year, it’s usually difficult to get employees to work enough hours during the summer, but these conditions make it even more difficult, but they find ways to keep going. .

“We’ve pivoted our business to do other things, like doing good gardening and keeping people’s flower beds free from weeds. This morning I did a gravel driveway installation, ”Sprouse said.

Sprouse said they needed slow, steady rain for a few days and then steady rain afterward.

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