Make a fresh start at an $ 8.5 million tea plantation in Kauai


Imbued with stunning scenery, the dream life might just be – to borrow another pun – in the bag if you sell this tea plantation.

Because not everything you’re doing right now is as intriguing as harvesting tea leaves and growing your own brand of tea, is it? If you need the extra attraction, this dream life is located on the lush, leafy North Shore of Kauai.

On the market for $ 8,500,000 in the town of Kilauea, HI, Cloudwater Tea Farm was started by a flight attendant (who was educated abroad in Japan) and an architect, according to Fast business.

Health and wellness has long been linked to Hawaii’s tourism industry, and this tea farm is perfect. It is one of two tea plantations in Kauai (the other is Kauai Farm).

Former flight attendant Michelle rose bought the land and then planted Camellia sinensis (used to make tea leaves). His life and love partner, architect Parker Croft, has designed the Zen-style bungalow style buildings that dot the property.

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The 20-acre area straddles two plots and includes 1,500 feet of “waterways that flow and wrap around the house.” The main residence has four structures under one roof, all connected by verandas.

The offer includes two buildings, each with two bedrooms and baths; a two-story guest house; and numerous outbuildings for storing bulky items like kayaks, canoes, bicycles and gardening equipment and tools.

The “flowing streams” that run through the property mean there’s no need to go to the beach – plenty of private swimming spots are on site.

Aerial view


One of the houses on the property




View of the property




One of the baths




One of the bedrooms


Interior of one of the houses


For a reduced price of $ 6,500,000, or $ 2 million less than the asking price, you can buy the house and 10 acres, but not the additional 10-acre lot. Completed in 2007, this property “cannot be duplicated or built today,” the listing says.

In addition to the tea gardens, 25 clumping varieties of bamboo also grow on the property.

Marc Goodman Oceanfront Sotheby’s International Realty takes care of the registration.

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