Paddy field, dairy farm, coconut plantation; 18-year-old shows hard work brings success in farming | Pattambi boy’s integrated farming


Palakkad: A native of Muthuthala Kozhikkottiri, Anand was introduced to the world of agriculture by his father. By the time he learned the basics of farming, he lost his father. However, the teenager did not give up hope and continued to work hard on the farm. Now the 18-year-old has proven himself with a 3.5-acre plantain and coconut plantation, a 6.5-acre paddy field, a vegetable patch and a dairy farm with 26 cows.

Anand’s father, Manikandan, a hardworking farmer, passed away two years ago. Although he was heartbroken at first, Anand decided to follow his father’s path. He gets up every day at 3:30 a.m. and begins to work milking the cows. He gives Milma around 150 liters of milk every day and 5 liters to neighboring houses. Then he devotes himself to other tasks in the rice fields, fish farming and the dairy farm.

Plantain, coconut, areca nut, pepper and vegetables are grown near Anand’s house. In addition to the 2.5 acres they own, he also grows rice on a 4 acre leased land. The hay needed for the dairy farm is collected in the rice fields. The paddy is donated to Supplyco. His father’s assistant, Mani, also helps Anand in the rice fields. Two migrant workers help him on a dairy farm.

Amidst all the work, Anand managed to pass Plus Two with flying colors at Government Oriental School in Perumudiyoor. He joined for BCom at a private college in Pattambi. He believes he can manage farming in the midst of learning. His mother Nija and his sisters Athira and Aswathi also support Anand in all his endeavors.

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