The Grove at Plantation Hills: Safe and Sustainable Refuge in the Tagaytay Highlands


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August 30, 2020 | 00h00

MANILA, Philippines – Have you ever wondered why properties in Tagaytay Highlands, the leisure development of the SM Group of Companies at the top of the city, are increasingly seen as ideal investments for homes that preserve health? and well-being?

These days, Filipino property seekers are casting a wider net, looking into quiet suburbs or residential villages a good distance from the high-density metropolis. The city dwellers of yesteryear now relish the open spaces and lush green surroundings that protect them from the threats of viruses and future contagions.

The Grove at Plantation Hills, a recreational and residential farming community, offers homeowners the amenities of contemporary living and the joy of growing their own fruit trees, herbs, vegetables, and other food sources in their backyard.

Spanning approximately 22 acres in the Tagaytay Highlands, The Grove also offers majestic mountainside views and amenities designed for mindfulness, recreation, and interaction.

Boasting its vast acreage, The Grove at Plantation Hills promotes eco-agriculture on its residential farm lots to promote a healthy farm-to-fork lifestyle. Its orchard lots range from 750 to 1,300 square meters. On the other hand, its garden plots have an area of ​​450 to 600 square meters.

With the new reality pushing Filipinos back to basics, gardening and recreational cattle ranching at The Grove ensures residents have consistent and sustainable access to fresh, nutritious and organic produce.

The Grove’s eco-agricultural lifestyle, combined with thoughtfully designed amenities like neighborhood ponds, a fishing bridge, pocket parks, a playground, gazebo and a relaxing tree-lined perimeter path, makes it a relaxing and tranquil starting point.

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