The only active tea plantation in the United States


THElocated on historic Wadmalaw Island, approximately twenty miles south of Charleston, South Carolina is the beautiful Charleston Tea Plantation, a true piece of American history. The only active tea plantation in North America and owned by the Bigelow Tea Company, the Charleston Tea Plantation is the perfect place for a tea farm with its rich soil, subtropical climate and abundant rainfall.

The plantation uses Camellia sinensis plant, which is used to produce over 300 varieties of black and green tea and covers 127 acres of the Charleston tea plantation. The plantation workers work extremely hard to keep the bushes well maintained and in straight rows for a good harvest. They also ensure that every plant grown on the plantation stays exactly the same in order to produce a consistent product. This ensures that the tea tastes the same every season.

When you arrive for your visit to the Charleston Tea Plantation, you will be in awe of the beautiful scenery, especially the towering oak tree trees and blooming flowers. Since Wadmalaw Island cannot be developed commercially, the natural beauty will take you back in time and give you a taste of southern culture.

Open seven days a week, with the exception of a few holidays, the Charleston Tea Plantation is the perfect place for tea lovers. Take a day trip to the plantation, pack a lunch, and enjoy a relaxing time under an oak tree.

There are a variety of tours to do at the plantation, however, take a factory tour for free and walk through America’s only tea factory where you’ll learn how tea is made. It is an educational tour and you are sure to learn all there is to know about the tea making process. For large groups, the plantation also offers group tours. Just be sure to book in advance.

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks while you’re at the Charleston Tea plantation, so don’t miss the tram tour. Absolutely worth the extra. Sit back and relax on the scenic 40-minute ride in the cart where you can see acres upon acres of tea and tea plantations as you listen to the cart guide give you even more history and history. planting information.

You and your group will even make a stop at the greenhouse where you can walk around and peek out the windows at some of the tea plants. Some visitors even mentioned watching the experts examine the tea leaves. Once back, be sure to stop by the gift shop before heading out for all your tea needs.

Take a look at their many items and make sure you buy everything you need for the perfect cup of tea. Get yourself a new tea set, tea infuser, nice tea assault, you name it. It is also a very good idea to take a few boxes of your favorite tea bags or loose tea boxes. And if you’re not sure which tea to buy, check out the free tea bar samples for inspiration.

On the way out, don’t forget to take some photos with the giant tea-loving frog known as Waddy. Custom made for the plantation, Waddy the Frog is loved by visitors of all ages and always takes a good photo. Oh, and it’s dog friendly!

As previously mentioned, the Charleston Tea Plantation is open seven days a week for visitors and tours and is a must-see while in Charleston, South Carolina.

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